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Responsibility Disclaimer




Making and validating his registration, each participant agrees with the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Serra da Estrela Granfondo and with all the conditions of the Rules  subscribing in particular the points contained in Article 54:

54.1 - I have read and agree to the Official Rules of the Granfondo Serra da Estrela, made available on the website ;

54.2 - I am aware of my health status and confirm that I meet the physical and mental requirements to take part in the Event;

54.3 - I declare that I will not take part in the Event, should my health status change after registration;

54.4 - I am aware of the contents of the existing insurance policy;

54.5 - By taking part in the Event, I authorise the Organisation and their partners in this Event to use my image completely free of charge and without any restrictions. I thus yield all image rights, namely photographs and video footage captured during the Event, forfeiting to receive any earnings resulting from the diffusion of such images in communicational support pieces;

54.6 - It is of my own free will that I take part in this Event, exempting the Organisation, their parters, directors, associates and other companies associated with the Event, from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the Event (for instance, loss of personal belongings by theft, damages or other circumstances);

54.7 - I am aware of the conditions of cancellation of the Event, which I fully accept.