Covid-19 Announcement
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Covid-19 Announcement

We start by thanking all the athletes who made their registrations in the Serra da Estrela Granfondo .

To those who signed up for this 2021 edition and those who signed up for the 2020 edition and kept their registrations  for 2021 membership, we thank you for your confidence, especially given the uncertain times we live in.

And it is this same confidence that reinforces the fact that we feel and state that the news we have to give is definitely not the news we would like to announce.

An event such as the Serra da Estrela Granfondo cannot be organized without the partnership and the support of various official entities, which have been fundamental to the success of this event since its 1st edition.  

However, ans despite the efforts of all those involved, and the signs of apparent improvement in the pandemic crisis, it was not possible to guarantee the conditions necessary for organizing the Serra da Estrela Granfondo on the date planned for this year.

Beyond other impediments, and although mass events such as the Granfondos are expected to resume in the short term, the directives recently issued by the DGS for the viability of these events are not compatible with the logistical and safety plans necessary for an event such as the Serra da Estrela Granfondo, with unique characteristics, related to the harshness, unpredictability and demands of a high mountain environment like Serra da Estrela. 

Therefore, and regretting the situation, especially for all those who had hoped to return to celebrate the Serra da Estrela Granfondo in 2021, the organisation is forced to postpone the Serra da Estrela Granfondo to  July, 3rd, 2022.

All registered athletes were previously contacted by email. The athletes who for any reason may not have received this email, or want some additional information, may contact the organization by email:

We regret once again, hoping that a future normality, whatever it may be, will allow us in 2022, to fully and safely resume all the moments that the Queen of the Portuguese Mountains has offered us throughout all editions of the Serra da Estrela Granfondo .