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Following previous years, in 2023, in partnership with Associação Geopark Estrela, we will provide not only 1 but 2 Pedestrian Walks:

On the 24th of June, Saturday, a walk, appealing to the participation of not only companions, but also the participants in the Granfondo Serra da Estrela;

On the 25th of June, a Sunday dedicated to companions, a walk that includes a visit to the Burel Factory:

The Burel Factory is a record in the history of the town of Manteigas It all started in 1947, the year that saw the birth of Lanifícios Império, the most important wool factory in the region. Today it continues to produce using the same traditional machines, from the time when the industry was still done by hand, thus guaranteeing the production of unique fabrics, preserving the past making it a story of the future. Burel is a Portuguese handmade fabric, of mountain origin, made entirely of wool. - learn more at



1st Trail Walk - interpretive walk:

Saturday, June 24th at 5pm
Meeting point: Parque da Várzea, next to the secretariat Distance: 5.2 km
Estimated duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Low/Moderate

2nd Trail Walk - interpretive walk + visit to the Burel Factory:

Sunday, June 25th at 9am
Meeting point: Parque da Várzea, next to the secretariat Distance: 7.4 km
Expected duration: 2 h
Difficulty: Moderate
Minimum age: 10 years

Advised Material:

Off-road hiking shoes or boots
1 hat or cap - 1 bottle of water

Registration Price:

€6.00 for each Tour (fully reverts to Associação Geopark Estrela)



June 24 - Interpretive Walk

Pedestrian route that starts and ends at Parque da Várzea, initially following the Ribeiro de Pandil to the highest point of this walk. As a consequent focus, we will have the gravel pits of São Lourenço, which confer scientific relevance to this territory and, not least, we will have as the last point of passage, the old Fábrica de São Gabriel, denoting here, the cultural component that once was one of the most respected woolen manufacturing complexes.

Distance: 5.2 km
Depth: 270m
Duration: 2h00
Difficulty: moderate


June 25 - Interpretive walk + visit to the burel factory

Pedestrian route that starts and ends in Parque da Várzea, highlighting the panoramic view of the village of Manteigas, in the first kilometers of the walk. Before visiting the Fábrica de Burel, we will cross the Zêzere River passing by the old installations where Glacier water was captured.

Distance: 7.4 km
Depth: 200m
Duration: 2h30
Difficulty: moderate