Granfondo Serra da Estrela - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Whenever necessary or appropriate, we will update the questions.

It does not replace and we recommend you read the event rules.


1 - From what age can I participate in the Serra da Estrela Ganfondo?

In the Granfondo distance, from 19 years of age, age on the race date.

In the Mediofondo distance, from 17 years of age, age on the race date.


2 - Can I participate with an electric bike?

No. Only two wheel vehicles (road bike, all-terrain bike, tandem) without any kind of motorisation are allowed in the race.


3 - I am federated in another Federation integrated in the UCI, from a country other than Portugal, can I register as federated athlete?

Yes, based on the licence of the Federation where you are federated. However, please note that if you need to activate insurance, you are only covered by your federation's insurance (check coverage) and never by the one announced by the organization, which has a registration cost of +5€.


4 - When I registered I was not yet affiliated. In the meantime, I joined the Portuguese Cycling Federation. Can I ask for a refund of the insurance associated with the registration as a non-federate (+5€)?

After payment, no refunds will be made to athletes who register as non federated in the Portuguese Cycling Federation and join later. The affiliation must be valid on the registration date.


5 - Can I change distance and route during the event?

Yes, the start for the Granfondo and Mediofondo is given simultaneously and the participant can choose a different distance along the route from the one previously registered. You must always take into account your physical condition at the time to make your decision.


6 - The deadline for registrations has passed (23 June 2023) but I still want to register.

Registrations are open until 24:00 of the 23th June 2023.

After the closing date, the organisation may provide a limited number of registrations, which will have an additional cost of 30 €.

The athletes registered after the closing date for registration will not have their personalised front (name and nationality) nor will they have the official t-shirt included in their participant kit. No payments will be accepted after the established deadline.

Payments made after the established deadline will be returned within 90 days, by bank transfer, after receipt of the Credit Note issued by the organizing company duly signed by the athlete, less the amount of 5 € referring to administrative expenses.


7 - I want to change the tax payer on the invoice, can I ask you to change it after the invoice is issued?

The invoices related to the race registration will be issued according to the information collected in the registration form. After the invoices are issued, no changes will be made, including in the tax identification number indicated in the form.


8 - I signed up, but I won't be able to participate, can I request a refund?

In case of withdrawal, if communicated to the organization by email to until 24 hours of May 26, 2024 will be returned 50% of the amount paid for registration. If the withdrawal is communicated after 24 hours of the 26th of May 2024, no refund will be made.


9 - I signed up but I won't be able to participate, can I transfer my already paid registration to a friend?

An already paid registration of a withdrawn athlete can be transferred to another substitute athlete, as long as this substitution is communicated to the organization by email ( until the 23th of June 2023.

To the athlete that gives up will be sent a voucher corresponding to the value of his registration, to which is subtracted the amount of 5,00 € referring to administrative expenses, and the new athlete must make a new registration, using that same discount voucher and paying only the remaining value. The substitute athlete will be given a new dorsal.


10 - I registered but I will not be able to participate, can I transfer my registration to 2025?

Yes, as long as it is communicated to the Organisation by email by 23 June 2024, and for the 2025 edition we will issue a Voucher in advance, for the amount paid, which will have to be included in the registration platform for the 2025 edition.


11 - Can I ask a friend to pick up my dorsal at the registration desk?

Yes, as long as your friend brings the originals or copies with perfectly legible data of the documents (ID or Citizen Card and federation licence) of the absent athlete, as well as a document authorizing the pick up duly signed by the same athlete.

The race office will be open on the 29th and 30th of June, according to the timetable announced on the website.


12 - Can I take my headphones to listen to music or communicate by mobile phone?

For safety reasons, it is forbidden the use of headphones as an accessory device to listen to music or to use a mobile phone by the participants during the race.

However, during the race, the participant is required to carry with him a mobile phone with the number provided in the registration form (or another one that will be communicated in due time to the organisation), an identification document and cash money in case he wants to benefit from the availability of parts in the mechanical assistance during the race. If the weather conditions are expected to be adverse, the organisation may oblige the participants to use or carry certain equipment, such as thermal blankets or wind or waterproof clothing.


13 - How much time do I have to run and finish the course?

The athletes must arrive at the finish line before 5:30pm.

However, along the course there will be controls and time limits (closing of the controls) that will be communicated to the participants before the start of the race. As a basis for calculating the time limit in these points, it will be the average that the runners have to fulfil to arrive to the Finish Line before the closing time (5:30 pm).

Runners that arrive at these time control points after the stipulated time for each control, will be forced to abandon the race, being picked up by the organization's "broom" vehicle to the finish line area.

The participants who choose to continue by their own means will be obliged to hand in their bike plate with their participant number at the time control or to another element of the organisation, and will no longer be framed by the race organisation and will assume at their own risk their destiny from that moment on.